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Locate your assets

Reduce maintenance costs

Optimize resources

Why Should You Use Real-time GPS Tracking?

Save Money. Increase Productivity. Improve Service.


Reduce Fuel Usage

Excessive fuel use is a drag on your company’s profits. Using Trace Trak’s reports and dashboard, you can quickly pinpoint ways to reduce your fleet’s fuel consumption by 

  • Reducing rabbit starts and speeding, 
  • Identifying drivers with the highest rates of idling
  • Tracking the miles each vehicle travels

Reduce Idling

Your vehicles burn a gallon of gas for every 60 minutes of idling. With reports such as our Idle Activity Report, you can reduce idle times by reviewing data on each vehicle such as:

    • Total idle time
    • Average idle duration
    • Total idle alerts when a vehicle or asset idles for an extended period of time
    • A ranking of your worst idle offenders

Set a custom threshold for idle time, and get notified every time that threshold is passed. By monitoring and reducing inefficient driving, you save time and money.