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Trace Trak GPS fleet management help companies with small or large fleets significantly reduce their operating costs. You get information at your fingertips to improve fleet performance. The system provides you With a real-time tracking (once-a minute) when your vehicle or asset is moving or when your vehicle or asset is stopped.


  • Vehicle maintenance reminding
  • Geofence & POI
  • Voice monitoring
  • Speed Limitation
  • Driver idenitification
  • Working time setting
  • Detailed history reports
  • Fuel Monitoring
  • Speed limitation
  • Engine status detection
  • Temperature monitoring in real time with high

Complete Fleet Tracking

Trace Trak GPS fleet Management enables you to:

  • Track and monitor every vehicle and asset in your fleet in real-time.
  • Review routes and daily activity for each vehicle or asset.
  • Generate reports so you can monitor your drivers’ daily activities, including where they travel, how long they spend there, and how efficiently they’re driving.
  • Receive real-time Alerts via e-mail or text message and stay up-to-date on your drivers’ activities.