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Why use TRACE TRAK fleet tracking?

Whether you have a fleet of two or two thousand vehicles, you need an easy way to monitor where each vehicle is, and how it’s being used in one device.

Fleet Management

Trace Trak GPS fleet management help companies with small or large fleets significantly reduce their operating costs. You get information at your fingertips to improve fleet performance. The system provides

Vehicle Tracking

Trace Trak GPS vehicle tracking use flexible devices and powerful software to track all types of vehicles. We makes tracking cars super simple. Our easy-to-use software and devices can have you up and tracking in minutes.

Personal Tracking

When a teen gets his/her license, it’s just the first step. Trace Trak Ptrack GPS personal tracking solution gives parents a powerful tool for coaching a teen to improved skill and safety behind the wheel.

Assets and Equipments

Trace Trak asset tracking provides you with the devices to track and monitor all types of heavy equipment and valuable assets like trailers and rental equipment.


Driver performance and fuel efficiency are vital to long- and short-haul trucking companies. Whether your drivers are on the road for hours or days, reducing risky and wasteful driving


From cities as busier as Lagos to as quiet as a remote communities, Trace Trak is helping government agencies track fleets and save big. Sourcing and paying for GPS tracking solutions.